Amplify NGOs in spreading compassion
through their mission.

Services for NGO

Acquire more donors to join your movement by choosing the best channels for your NGO and optimize your campaigns through digital ads.

Digital Fundraising Optimization


Brand Communication Strategy

Build strong positioning and raise engaging awareness for your NGO using digital strategy and platform.

Inspire your audience  to make impacts.

360⁰ Creative Production

Translating kindness into various creative approaches such as video, microsite, fundraising events, and other interactive contents to reach potential donors.

Integrated Social Marketing

Combining all services to fully realize your mission’s goals.  We provide you strategy planning, ideation, execution, management, and more integrated impacts.

Every NGO program is the kindness that sustained. But, is it reached the right audience?
Are their marketing strategies relevant to current condition? Is it engaging enough to make
people attracted and join? Imagine seeing NGO program as exciting as advertising does.
And imagine, we do all of that for you.

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Rumah Yatim:
Indahnya Doa Yatim

Rumah Yatim held campaigns for 3 months during Ramadan
(May-June 2018) and willing to optimize the result using tactical


So, we create various campaign using “Indahnya Doa Yatim” approach to achieve greater result in three month.



Creative Delivery

Campaign Page

Influencer Boost

Social Media Optimization

Spread umbrella campaign “Indahnya Doa Yatim” into integrated digital services: from social media maintenance, influencer boost, campaign video,

web series, & socmed ads.

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SOS Children’s Villages:

Run to Care

SOS Children’s Villages as one of established NGO for kids in Indonesia. It has program called Run to Care. It’s charity run where each runner will raise donation from public to help children's education in Indonesia.

We also support and assist runners during fundraising period to gain awareness and maximize their donation result.


We created interactive and personalized content for runners and online donation campaigns for each of them.

Creative Delivery

Yatim RYCC 1.jpg

Campaign Page

Personalised Pots

Social Media Content

Save The Children Indonesia

2018 Campaign

Save The Children in Indonesia focuses on giving children the opportunity and access to education, healthcare, and protection. They run the program in various provinces in Indonesia.

They work with Impacts Digital for a year to reach their goal in 2018, especially for fundraising. Therefore we create a complete tactical campaign for them.


Creative Delivery

Yatim RYCC 1.jpg

Premium Video


Charity Event



STC use our complete services in 1 year:

social media maintenance, donation campaign pages on, 20 of 1 minute videos & 2 premium videos, 2 microsite and 1 social event. 

Services for NGO

This is how we amplify NGO on spreading their kindness mission